exist since 2000 by Mrs. Marie Harley American nationality, to work with more vunerables in Haiti since this time HARLEY FOUNDATIONINTERNATIONAL reconnu by  gourvenemen American under the section of 501 (c) (3) with the number 101288



is working with the Poorest communities in Haiti, peasant group, peasant association and cooperatives Churches so That They Can Have the capacity to help Themselves materially and spiritually without any racial discrimination and religion.
Haiti is the Poorest Country in the World Where so many people included the children, are starving. Most of Them Their lost relatives from the several tragedies: such as: Natural disaster, famine, Lack of medicines and else. This information above can tell you how critical Their position. Many of These children cannot go to school Because of Their financial situation cannot They even buy the school supplies. Most of 'em come to school without a hot meal. According to 'em, They Usually Spend all day long without a hot meal due to the hungriness situation MOST of the time They cannot hear When They are hungry. Sometimes They cannot even listen to the teachers. HARLEYFOUNDATION intervened wants all the fields to succeed HAS Relief