This organization is a matter of raising money to build the shelter of my country and the result of another country third world countries too. To also help with food, drinking water, education, suffers clothing, health and médecine.HARLEY FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL determined to work with the poor country is witnessing a lot of people and peace as I will not be helping all people of my country and others that I can. In 2000, Marie A. Harley wants to create a structure called Harley Foundation International (HFI) non-profit records with the number 101288 Under section 501 (c) (3)


We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, has-beens Overcome Where poverty and people live in dignity and security. Harley Foundation International Will Be a global power and a partner of choice Within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. We will be known everywhere for our unshakable commitment to the dignity of people.


Harley Foundation International is to Improve the quality of life underserved populations in the world through provision of supporting services and education in a charitable   Manner, to address racial, social and economic issues Affecting this population, and to work collaboratively with others charitable organisms to preserve natural resources and critical community services in this population

- To Develop Specific methods based on aapproach Enters the proximity of teams of ground and the recipients of the shares, while sticking to give a sense of responsibility 'em.
- To target areas with very high intensity of needs and Where the action can be basedon the involvement of the families or communities theprofit.
- To the contents of the adapted measures and themethods to the needs and the Capacities of themost precarious local populations.
- To Ensure the effectiveness of the actions thecontrol of the costs, theresults of the measurement and the reproducibility of the methods.
Represent. interest, all social Promoted Their poses threat then the children or (our childrens needed the illieracy. juvenile.delinquencecy.drug.l 'alcohol, crime, prostitution, then any form of exploitation. Etc.